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Non  surgical Hair Restoration is a best choice for baldness. At Advance Clinic, we  are providing :

  • Hair Silicon Bonding
  • Hair Weaving
  • Hair Extension
  • VOLLUMAX Hair Extensions for Women
  • Chemotherapy Wigs
  • Designer Wigs


Non Surgical Hair ReplacementTwo hours is what it takes now to get a natural hairline. Remember how great it used to feel to run your fingers through your hair? Now you can welcome back that feeling. Quick and significantly less expensive than surgery, Advance Clinics high-quality, non-surgical hair replacement process will revive your old look or make you look even better before your hair loss began and give the feel of your own natural hair. You can wash and brush your hair, style your hair as you always wanted, swim as much as you like and even get sand in your hair.

How it works

The answer to achieving this natural hairline is the NaturoTechTM process, an amalgam of both Nature and Technology. After thorough consultation with you, a trained hair professional closely examines your thinning area with a digital microscope to determine where all hair needs to be added to give you the volume and density you desire. Natural Hairs will be added selectively in the exact angle and direction of your own hair growth into a virtually undetectable matrix designed to match the balding and thinning areas of your scalp. This customized matrix is then integrated into your own hair. So no matter how close you get, no one will notice a thing. But this NaturoTech™ process is only half of the story.

Your Hair, Your Hairstyle!!

Whether you want a natural hairstyle, the famous footballer Spikes, thick flowing curls, an elegant undo or something crazy, NaturoTechTM process restores your hair in that particular style quickly and discreetly. Advance Clinic’s NaturoTechTMhair replacement system matches real human hair with your own to create a stylish design that looks and feels like the real thing… because it is!!

Our expert stylists and cosmetologists will always work with you to create a natural look that fits with your personal style. Restore your hair to its former look, or experiment with new styles to enhance your look because with NaturoTech ™ process you always get unlimited choices.

Finally, Get the look you’ve always wanted!!