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Stop those wrinkles in its tracks! Say goodbye to your creases and wrinkles

BOTOX - Advance ClinicBOTOX® is a treatment injected with a micro – needle derived from a purified protein. Essentially it smoothens out lines present on your face by preventing your muscles from contracting into a wrinkle.

A few drops of BOTOX® is injected with a tiny needle into the muscle, blocking the nerve impulses that cause the contractions. Start looking more refreshed, relaxed while yet still looking completely natural as the stimulation to the muscle weakens and your lines disappear.

You will see the results of BOTOX® only after 3-4 days of the injection and the effects will fade over 3-6 months. When you notice your dreaded lines are back all you have to do is a quick repeat treatment to get rid of them again!

It takes seconds and you will be wrinkle-free for months!